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The Fifth Annual Conference of Senile People's Congress of China

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The Fifth Annual Conference of Senile People's Congress of China

From March 22 to 25, 2019, Shandong Zhuojian Medical Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the Fifth National Annual Meeting of the Chinese Geriatrics Society on Quality Control of Geriatric Infection Management, co-sponsored by the Quality Control Branch of Infection Management of the Chinese Geriatrics Society and the Chinese Journal of Hospital Infectiology. Experts and teachers gathered in Xiamen, a beautiful heron island.

This annual conference is devoted to promoting the academic progress of geriatric infections management and improving the quality control of geriatric infections management. With the theme of "paying attention to geriatric infections and ensuring patient safety", well-known experts and professors in the fields of infection prevention and control, medical safety management, management of severe infections and drug-resistant bacteria, disinfection and so on are invited to carry out the conference. Theme lectures and experience exchanges have spread the friendly exchanges of experts, teachers and colleagues in advanced hospitals. The annual conference attended more than 800 delegates, presenting a grand academic event in the field of infection prevention and control in China.

Shandong Zhuojian Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in January 2017, focusing on high-end enterprises of medical and health disinfection products. Located in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Co-ordinated Development Zone of Jiuda Tianqu and Shenzhou Portal, Dezhou Economic and Technological Development Zone has superior location and convenient transportation.
The first phase of the company's plan covers an area of 200 mu, including 20,000 square meters of workshops, 1,000 square meters of GMP 100,000 production workshops, 24 production lines, with an annual output value of 50 million yuan.
The company currently locates disinfection products and medical and hygienic products in two sub-industries. The main customers are hospitals, clinics, health centers, outpatient clinics, chain pharmacies and large-scale supermarkets. Products sold abroad
Most of the region and some countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Africa and South America.


 In this annual meeting, the brand of Furunlai, the main brand of Shandong Zhuojian Medical Science and Technology Co., Ltd., has been recognized by the participating teachers because of its excellent product quality and high comprehensive price ratio.

   With the help of this annual meeting, the staff of Shandong Zhuojian Medical Technology Co., Ltd. explained the strength and product characteristics of the company in detail, which left a deep impression on the teachers who came to consult.


Director Liu Yunxi of PLA General Hospital and Director Li Weiguang of Shandong Provincial Hospital came to the booth for guidance.


  Zhuojian Sales Team participated in Xiamen Senior Citizens Association.

Shandong Zhuojian takes "devoting to health industry, escorting human life" as his duty, insists on being a practitioner of health industry, creating a well-known brand of China's health, and adheres to the values of "dream, awe, Thanksgiving and excellence". Efforts to create excellent quality products for mankind, so that people have a healthy body and more sense of happiness, security!